Sample Application OverviewΒΆ

We have provided a sample application to help you acquaint yourself with the various features. This sample app contains five demo apps within it.

  • Tea Houses - a fictional Benin Teahouse directory. It provides a broad overall view of the different view types that Tables offers.

  • Hope Study - a simplified subset of a perinatal follow-up application that was piloted on ODK-X Tables and ODK Collect (now converted to use ODK-X Survey). It demonstrates how Tables and Survey can be integrated.

  • Plot - a fictional agricultural field pest- and yield- assessment application. It demonstrates how data can be visualized and actively updated as it is collected on the device.

  • Geotagger - a simple geotagging application. It demonstrates a basic customization of the user interface with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • JGI - an app used to track the daily behavior of chimpanzees. It uses a complex, fully customized and domain-specific user interface. It also demonstrates Tables collecting data for multiple data tables and rows simultaneously (as opposed to the single row editing of Survey).