ODK-X Scan


ODK-X Scan has not been updated in a couple of years, there is a chance that some parts of the project are redundant. If you would like to help out by contributing or maintaining this project and taking ownership of ODK-X Scan, please let us know. You can start out by going through the project repository on Github.


ODK-X Scan is not yet fully released! It will not work at the same quality level as ODK-X Survey, Tables, Services, or the rest of the release ODK-X tools.

It is currently at the Beta stage, which mean it does not have all features, but is not likely to have significant reductions or alterations in functionality. Beta releases are provided to gather user feedback on the usability and capabilities of the application, as well as bug reports (to make the application more robust). Updates may result in loss of data or incompatible changes in form designs.

ODK-X Scan is an Android application that uses the device’s camera and specialized code to automatically digitize written data from paper forms. Using the app, users take pictures of paper forms and ODK-X Scan detects and collects the fill-in bubble, checkbox, and written number data. It also saves image snippets of handwritten text and displays them on the screen for easy data entry. The digitized data can then be validated, exported, saved into a database, and used for custom data reports. This workflow from paper form to digital database occurs in five processes and is supported through the use of ODK-X suite tool

The ODK-X Scan Process