Custom Home Screen

Open the Tables app. If you have successfully installed the sample application, you should be presented with a custom home screen showing the five demo apps.

Tables Sample Application Home

ODK-X Tables allows your organization to customize the home screen of your Data Management Application. By default Tables will only show a list of the data tables defined on the device (called the Table Manager). But with a custom home screen your organization can implement their own complex workflow and look-and-feel with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. An example of this is what is displayed after downloading the sample application.


All of these screens and web pages are served directly from the device – there is no network access. These are fully able to function in Airplane mode – without a WiFi or internet connection.

When you design your applications, you can either have them operate without any network access, or you can write them to access data on the internet. This becomes your design choice.

Each tab on this screen is the home page for one of the five demo applications listed above.


For this example we have included all five applications under the same AppName. However, typically you would give them each their own AppName to provide a clean separation of data.

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For more information about custom home screens, view the Custom Home Screen guide.