ODK-X Scan Form Designer

ODK-X Scan uses the ODK-X Scan Form Designer to create machine-readable forms. Scan is only compatible with forms created in the Scan Form Designer and loaded onto the phone. They can then be chosen among the templates within ODK-X Scan and successfully processed on the device.

Find the Scan Form Designer inside a tab in the ODK-X Application Designer using Google Chrome.


You muse use Google Chrome; other web browsers are not compatible at this time.

A basic overview of the steps to design a form are:

  1. Set the page style

  2. Add images and data fields

  3. Save form (for future editing) and Export form to ODK-X Scan app

  4. Print form for users to complete by hand

You can begin using the Scan app once you've got a form template and forms with handwritten data entered.

Video tutorials for each of these steps –from designing to exporting your form template– are available as a YouTube playlist.

Once you have exported your completed form you can transfer the form template to the ODK-X Scan app and begin scanning paper forms. See the ODK-X Scan documentation for more on those next steps.