In this guide, we cover the likely problems you might encounter installing and configuring the ODK-X basic tools. The ODK-X basic tools are ODK-X Services, ODK-X Tables and ODK-X Survey.

Do ensure that you have followed all the instructions for installation stated in the Installing ODK-X Basic Tools page.


This section covers issues that are specific to the Android device you are working with and how to solve these problems.


The ODK-X basic tools require an Android device with a version 4.4 or higher operating system.

Certain Tecno and Infinix devices run specific system settings which prevent applications from running in the background to conserve battery life. For the ODK-X applications to work, they need to be able to run in the device background.

You will typically run into issues as a result of these devices' system setting. Users with these devices will notice that the Survey and Tables applications do not start and the screens are stuck on a configuring loop.

To solve for this, you have to enable Auto-start for the ODK-X applications on your device.

For Tecno and Infinix devices

  1. Open Phone Master.

  2. On the Toolbox page, navigate to Auto-Start management.

  3. Scroll to find the ODK-X applications installed and toggle on to enable Auto-start.