EpiSample Guided TourΒΆ

This document guides you through each of the modules of the Geographic Health Survey App, named EpiSample. They are presented in a logical order, so this guide can be read from top to bottom to mimic the flow of the application's use in the field. You can also skip to the module that most interests you. Each section provides both a brief description of the purpose and function of the module, as well as an overview of how that functionality is implemented.


All file paths in this document are inside of the Application Designer directory. Additionally, all user-defined files in a Data Management Application are inside the app/config/ directory. For convenience, this document omits these portions of the file paths.

For example, let us assume I have stored the Application Designer directory on my computer in /home/bobsmith/workspace/app-designer. If this guide were to reference a file as :assets/index.html that indicates the file located on my computer at /home/bobsmith/workspace/app-designer/app/config/assets/index.html.