Household Data Collection

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The Household Data Collection module is an ODK-X Survey form that is configured in the Configuration module. An organization is intended to provide this for its particular use case, which makes this application flexible to different scenarios. For example, this could be used for follow-up after a Malaria outbreak or it could be adapted to handle another disease by swapping this form.

The data collected in this form is available in the same database as the rest of the application and can be used by it.


The Household Data Collection form is user configured and not provided in this reference application. The provided form could be a simple survey or could include complex skip logic, data quality checks, and customizations to the look-and-feel. Instructions for creating these forms are available in ODK-X Survey: Designing a Form guide as well as the ODK-X XLSX Converter guide.

Prepopulated forms could also be included with CSV files. See the files in the assets/csv directory and the assets/tables.init file for examples.


  • The files associated with the selected form.


Database Tables

  • The table corresponding to the selected form.