Installing the Sample Application


Install ODK-X Survey and its prerequisites from the guide Installing ODK-X Basic Tools.

Unlike ODK Collect, the ODK-X tools are application-focused. An application is identified by the name of the directory under the /sdcard/opendatakit/ folder. The sample application is named default, as are the sample applications provided for Using ODK-X Tables. This means that you can only deploy one of these sample applications onto a device at a time. We also provide instructions to rename one of these so that two or more applications can co-exist on the same device without interfering with each other.

To access the sample application and its six sample forms:

  1. Launch ODK-X Survey. Press the Settings button that resembles a gear. This will launch the ODK-X Services tool to the settings page.

Survey Setting Button
  1. Select Server Settings (more info on setting up your server can be found here: Server Configuration)

  • Set your Server URL to


    The server URL starts with https:// not http://. Don't forget to include the s.

  • Click on Server Sign-on Credential and change your authentication from None (anonymous access) to Username. Then, click Username, and enter demo_user1 in the space. Also change your server password to password. When you are done, your screen should look like this:

    Server Sign-on Credential


    You can also login by scanning a QR code.

  1. Back out and click Authenticate New User in the popup window. On the resulting page, press Verify User Permissions and click OK on the message stating that the verification was successful. Back out until you return to Survey.

  2. Press the Sync button as shown below.

Launching Sync from Survey
  1. Once this launches ODK-X Services, click the Sync Now button.
    • Again, leave your user as demo_user1.

    • Leave the file attachment setting to Fully Sync Attachments

Syncing from the demo server

After synchronization is complete, your device's configuration will exactly match that of the server. This includes both collected data and application level files (such as form definitions and HTML files). If you had nothing on your device before, your device will be populated with this data and these application files. If you already had files on this device in this application namespace they will be updated to match the server version. Any local configuration files for data tables or forms that are not present on the server will be removed from your device. Everything under the /sdcard/opendatakit/default/config directory will be revised to exactly match the content on the server.

Once the configuration and data on the device is an exact match to that of the server, the file attachments associated with those data are synchronized. If you have a slow connection, it may take two or three tries before the sync is successful. It will not overwrite or hurt anything to do multiple synchronizations in a row.

When complete, click OK on the Sync Outcome dialog and back out of the Services, returning to Survey.

If the sync was successful, ODK-X Survey will scan through the downloaded configuration, updating its list of available forms.

Survey Scanning Form Definitions

When that is completed you should now be presented with the list of those six sample forms.

Learn More

For instructions on installing your own Survey application to a device, view the Moving Files To The Device guide.