Initial Data Set

Refrigerator Data Set


The initial data set is not part of the actual workflow of the application, but is described here to provide context for how this application is set up and how it might be used in the field. This initial data set is the full list of health facilities, refrigerators, and refrigerator types that currently exist in the health system to be modeled. The initial person configuring the application could choose to collect this data via survey forms within the application itself (which are already provided, and used for adding data as the current state changes), but if they already have a database of health facility inventory, this might be the more convenient method.

For demonstration purposes the provided default data set also has maintenance logs that are seeded into the database.


The initial data set is codified in .csv files specified in assets/tables.init that will be imported into the database on the initial startup. Instructions for how this works are available here: Configuring an App at Startup.

Each .csv matches the schema of its corresponding table in the database. The appropriate values are filled in for each data field. Additionally, the _group_modify, _group_privileged, and group_read_only columns include the group names to properly organize the data. The full set of custom groups in the provided data set include:









The group GROUP_ADMIN is also used, but is a default group provided to all Data Management Applications.

The _group_priviledged column should be set to GROUP_ADMIN for all rows in all tables. This provides full access to administrators to modify any data they choose. In refrigerator_type.csv the columns _group_modify and _group_read_only should both also be set to GROUP_ADMIN to restrict changes to this protected table. In health_facility.csv and refrigerator.csv the _group_modify column should be set to the most specific group the item belongs to, while the _group_read_only column should be set to the broader region. For example, a health facility in the South East region should have its _group_modify set to GROUP_REGION_SOUTH_EAST and its _group_read_only column set to GROUP_REGION_SOUTH. This will allow users in the South East region to update this facility, but only view facilities in the South West region.


This group organization and permissions set up is specific to the default data set provided with the reference application. However, this is not a requirement of the ODK-X tools. Groups could be set up to modify regions and view everything, or only read the region they belong to, or even restrict some users from modifying anything and only reading data. See Data Permission Filters for more details.

The JavaScript is configured to expect these groups and this set up. To use the application you will need to configure your ODK-X Sync Endpoint to have at least one table administrator. You should also add users to the various groups, and set their default group as the region where they can edit records. For example, user dana might belong to groups synchronize_tables, region_south and region_south_east and have their default group set to region_south_east. In this scenario data can modify data in the group region_south_east and can see but not modify the rest of region south (namely, region_south_west).


  • assets/tables.init

  • assets/csv/health_facility.csv

  • assets/csv/refrigerators.csv

  • assets/csv/refrigerator_types.csv

  • assets/csv/refrigerator_types/...



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